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fire anchor

Large Fire Anchor. Swing arm cook set


We are the No.1 creators of the fire anchor cook swing arm. With this fire anchor, you have everything you need for that outdoor kitchen.

Proudly Handmade in the UK🇬🇧

Once anchored into the ground, you can move the independent arms up and down and rotate. The cook system will then easily come apart for storage.


It has been tried and tested by many of the best outdoor cooks from around the world to create the perfect fire anchor.


Bag is not included but can be ordered here.


Fire Pit 35 and Fire Pit 50 work really well and can be ordered from the shop.


Pots, pans, Fire Pit and any accessories shown in the pictures are for display purposes only and not included. Cannot be shipped to PO BOX Addresses.


    Main pole is 12mm thick.

    •    The main pole is 93cm long when connected and comes in two sections that are 40cm (bottom pole) and 53cm (top pole). 

    •    Arm 1 is a Grill arm with a 40cm x 25cm grilling area. 

    •    Arm 2 is a 27cm round Skillet arm for frying. 

    •    Arm 3 is a 10mm thick Hook arm with welded notches for hanging pots. 

    •    It weighs 4.5kg

    •    Holds up to 2kg.


    Please take care when opening your item as it may still be slightly oily due to the quenching process. Before first use, your product will need a thorough wipe down and to burn off any excess remnants. At the end of each use, give a general wipe down and apply cooking oil before storing in a dry place to help avoid rusting.