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fire anchor

Pocket Fire Anchor


This is the first of its kind and invented in the TJM Metalworks shop.


It is small enough and very lightweight to have with you always. This is simply a multi hook that can be used for various purposes.


The round metal loop can wrap around any material from wood, metal, plastic etc. as well as any shape. Whether it is a tree, metal post, tent post, gazebo frame or whatever, it will hold onto the post vertically or hang horizontal.


When you apply weight onto the hook arm it simply tightens itself.


Wax bag not included but can be ordered here.


This is perfect for hanging kettles pot/pans over the fire or for hanging clothes, rucksacks, food, lanterns, or utensils off the ground.



    • Made from 6mm round bar.
    • Hook arm 1 is 19cm.
    • Hook arm 2 is 28cm.
    • Main loop 10cm with 6cm opening.
    • Weighs 350g

    Please take care when opening your item as it may still be slightly oily due to the quenching process. Before first use, your product will need a thorough wipe down and to burn off any excess remnants. At the end of each use, give a general wipe down and apply cooking oil before storing in a dry place to help avoid rusting.

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